JIL Quarterly Newsletter

APRIL 2021



JIL Software Solution is a software company that provides development solutions for small to large scale companies.

Our experts analyze business operations and create automatic and integrated solutions that promotes efficiency and growth. Our solutions include proprietary application, web development, and turnkey software integration; all to meet our clients’ business goals.


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Our company offers a variety of services including SEO, Database, Web, and Desktop Solutions. 

We help businesses succeed with our Business Programs specifically designed to the size of your business, starting from business start-ups to enterprise level.




"Event4lyUrs plans, creates and executes the perfect event for all occasions. We make the impossible possible. Our goal is to create your vision. Bring to life the day you have always wanted, creating the event you can't stop dreaming of. 


The website has given my business life, an identity. Now I can do more than describe my past events to clients, I can show them. The website serves as a live portfolio of the events I've been entrusted with as well as an avenue for clients to more effectively contact me for assistance. I am able to showcase past works as well as highlight the works of vendors and upcoming events. 


JIL was incredible to work with. They created a site I can be proud of but more importantly one that is easily navigated by clients. They made great suggestions where needed and added touches I hadn't thought about. JIL did all the heavy lifting for this project and I couldn't be happier. The website is everything  I needed and wanted."


Tricina Quinn

Event4lyUrs Business Owner

Shopaholic Women Activewear

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"Shopaholic Women Activewear is about comfortable, reasonable priced clothing and accessories.


The website has helped my business grow in so many ways. Just to name a few, the maintenance and professionalism makes the site eye catching, the timely manner in which it was completed was awesome!. The abundance of assistance from JIL Software Solutions has been unmatched. Branding my logo has never been so easy, and FUN!.


Bringing this site to LIFE has been so exciting and it is not over by a long shot. Shopaholic Women's Activewear website has been a learning experience with people I can trust."


Jeffrey D. Crockett

Shopaholic Women Activewear Business Owner



In response to COVID-19, JIL Software Solutions has focused on one thing: how to give back to our community during these hard times?

On March 10, we launched the Business Grant and we are providing a single page website to ONE local business on a recurring quarterly basis. 


Millions of businesses have been hit hard by the pandemic and are facing hardships, from lost wages to liquidation. Our plan is to help business that don't have an online presence to grow their business.


Our pre-designed websites are perfect for businesses that sell services and want their customers to be able to create an account, make bookings online, and accept electronic payments. 


Provide us with your content and we will populate the website for you. 




Learn how our JIL Domain Hosting Start-Up Solutions stands out from the Wix Business Unlimited Plan and how it can take your business to the next level. 


Our package includes SEO Integration bundled with a 1-Hour consultation so that you can have the technical support you need.



It's official! We are launching a Training Program that offers online and on-demand courses to help you advance your career path and build the skills you need to land the job of your dreams.


Our courses include Business, Finance, IT, Management, Customer Service and more. 


To learn more about our upcoming Training Program and latest updates, fill out the pre-registration form by clicking the button below.