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Modernize to the cloud with managed database services in Azure

Elevate Your Business with Azure Cloud Solutions

In today's digital landscape, businesses across various industries are embracing Azure cloud solutions to unlock unprecedented efficiency and drive digital innovation. By modernizing their data platforms and migrating to the cloud, organizations can leverage cutting-edge applications and advanced analytics while reducing reliance on outdated servers and insecure legacy software. This transformation empowers businesses of all sizes to enhance productivity and streamline operations by equipping employees with powerful digital tools. With Azure cloud solutions, you can focus on the value-added aspects of your roles, freeing up time from manual tasks. Embrace the power of Azure and propel your business forward into a new era of agility and growth. Contact JIL Software Solutions today to embark on your Azure cloud journey.

Azure SQL

Effortless and Compatible Database Migration Service

Experience a seamless transition to the cloud with our Database Migration Service. Designed to accelerate and streamline the migration process, our service enables you to seamlessly migrate your data from multiple sources at scale. Say goodbye to the complexities and challenges of manual data migration. With our expert assistance, you can ensure compatibility and efficiency throughout the migration journey. Trust JIL Software Solutions to deliver a hassle-free and reliable database migration experience, allowing you to leverage the full potential of the cloud. Contact us today to embark on your migration journey and unlock the benefits of seamless and compatible data migration.

Enhance Cost Efficiency with Competitive Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Maximize your savings and optimize your budget with our competitive Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) solution. Take advantage of significant cost reductions by prepaying for compute resources with reserved capacity. By strategically managing your resource allocation and prepaying for the resources you need, you can achieve remarkable cost savings without compromising performance or scalability. Let JIL Software Solutions help you unlock the power of competitive TCO and empower your business to thrive in a cost-effective manner. Contact us today to explore how our TCO solution can drive efficiency and savings for your organization.

Unleash the Power of Built-In Intelligence for Constant Performance Enhancements

Experience unrivaled performance improvements with our Built-In Intelligence solution. Our Intelligent Query Processing feature ensures that your queries are processed efficiently and effectively, resulting in enhanced performance and responsiveness. By leveraging advanced algorithms and optimization techniques, we empower your database to deliver exceptional query performance, enabling you to extract insights and make data-driven decisions faster than ever before. Let JIL Software Solutions revolutionize your data processing capabilities with our Built-In Intelligence solution. Contact us today to explore how our intelligent query processing can propel your business forward.


Azure Databases for MySQL, PostgreSQL, and MariaDB

More choices and full integration into Azure's ecosystem and services


Focus on your apps by leaving the management and patching of your infrastructure and database to an enterprise-ready cloud service with:

  • Automatic updates

  • Automatic security fixes

  • Automatic new feature updates


  • Meet the most demanding spikes by elastically scaling performance

  • Scale compute and storage as per demand

  • Built-in high availability (99.99% SLA)

  • Stay up and running without the need for additional replicas

  • Rely on easy and cost-effective disaster recovery set up with a single click



  • Protect your data with up-to-date security and compliance features using the Azure IP Advantage

  • Security built-in with native and AAD integration

  • Control access with secure SSL, server firewall rules, and VNET

  • Built-in encryption for data and backup sin-motion and

  • at-rest

  • Leading compliance offerings (SOC, ISO, CSA STAR, PCI DSS, HIPAA, etc.



  • Azure has availability in more regions worldwide than any other cloud provider

  • Currently in 38 of 54 Azure regions worldwide

  • All Azure regions will be coming with new Generation 5 hardware

  • Available in all Azure regions before end of FY19



  • Easy integration into other Azure services

  • Get your app up and running with the built-in connection to App Service and other Azure services

  • Take advantage of industry-leading Azure innovations in AI and analytics to improve your app

  • Turnkey migration experience using Azure Database Migration Service



Unlock the Power of Digital Transformation and Cloud Computing for Data Insights
In the era of digital transformation, businesses are harnessing the vast potential of data to gain invaluable insights and drive strategic decision-making. However, the processing power of traditional servers and resource limitations have hindered organizations from fully leveraging their data assets. To overcome these challenges, businesses must embrace the limitless possibilities of the cloud and artificial intelligence (AI). By migrating to the cloud and harnessing the power of AI, organizations can break free from the constraints of legacy applications, on-premises servers, and limited computing capabilities. Experience the true potential of your data with JIL Software Solutions. Contact us today to embark on your digital transformation journey and unlock the power of the cloud and AI.

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