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WEB DEvelopment projects

Jerome Burke Foundation
R Holmes Strategic
The Big O
Harvest Investment
Empty Pockets Online
A1F Cleaning Solutions LLC.
Neithdos Consulting Services LLC
Lee's Elite Enterprise LLC.


JIL software solutions is a software company that provides custom software development, website development, and digital marketing for individuals startups and small to large scale business

We provide web development solutions and customized solutions for every business stage, from simple informational and e-commerce websites to dev/test environments with highly technical requirements for startups and mature companies. With over 20 years of experience, we have the capacity to create and support a website of any complexity and scalability.

JIL Software Solutions with work with you to design a website that sets you apart from your competitors and make a lasting impression. With our intuitive solutions, JIL can analysis your site and determine how your content is positioned on search engines, which will increase your website traffic and visibility.


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Pre-Designed Websites For Sale

Don't have the time to design a website 
BUT you want your business to start running?

Our pre-designed websites are perfect for businesses that sell services and want their customers to be able to create an account, make bookings online, and accept electronic payments. Predesign websites are for companies that don't have the time that it requires to do a complete re-design, like, technical and strategic decisions, workflow planning, and automation. In addition to the website testing and proofing stages. 

If you need a new website that drives traffic but has limited time to collaborate on the design, you need one of JIL's pre-design websites. 

our goal

JIL Software Solutions is not just a website design company - we are a technology company that can create or re-design your website, but more importantly, we are business consultants that understand your overall needs. If you select our re-design or pre-design website option, we understand the purpose of having a website is to improve SEO, increase traffic, and create new branding opportunities. For all our website designs, we provide data analysis and a free website health score.  Order your report here.

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