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Updated: Apr 5, 2022

"How do I drive more traffic to my website?" The problem that most people face isn't just about landing a website for their business; it's about figuring out how to drive traffic to the website. There is no use of having a website for your business when no one is visiting it. Right? So what should you do? How do you get visitors' attention when there's so many websites out there? The truth is that it is undeniably hard to have people notice your website and yes, it can be overwhelming and perhaps there will be times when you want to give up... but the good news is that you shouldn't. Every successful website follows a couple of rules and JIL Software Solutions are here to share them with you. Check out our Digital Services to help you with the below points.

1. Understand Your Website and Do Content Planning

You need keywords! It's hard to believe but most people don't really understand how keywords can be so powerful when it comes to driving traffic to their website. Keywords are key players when it comes to Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Today, if you don't understand SEO then you are one step behind everybody else. Effective use of SEO alone can increase the chances of your website appearing on Google searches and the better you use it, the closer to the top searches you are.

2. Post Consistently

Make good use of your social media to promote your business. Take advantage of your audience to engage with them and create clickable posts so they can be redirected to your website. Use helper tools like social media management platform apps to help you publish posts across all your accounts and have better control all in one place.

3. Social Media Strategies

Use social media strategies to increase traffic to your website like scheduling posts during peak hours, using hashtags and sharing customers' posts, staying up to date with fun social media trends like using influencer marketing, boosting ads and featured posts, and maintaining strong presence on other platforms.

4. Relevant Moments

Highlight holidays, news and special events on your website and social media. Create special offers such as discount coupons, referral offers, or other creative and promotional tools to persuade your customers to purchase your products or services.

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