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Updated: Dec 12, 2020

You observed a problem or realized a need and after meticulously analyzing and planning your vision was born. You discussed your ideas with family and friends and your company name was conceived.

You incorporated your business, applied for a business license, and registered with the IRS. You proudly opened your business account and made your first deposit.

Now What! How do you tell the world about your business?

This is the age of technology where cold calling, postcard mailing, and purchasing newspaper ads have been replaced with Google Ads, email marketing campaigns, social media, and online stores.

JIL Software Solutions can assist in advertising and growing your business with an online presence. We help with search engine optimization to direct the right traffic to your site and we will endure the process of setting up an online store; gathering the data feeds from your vendor and uploading the information to your site. If your vendor provides you with a data feed listing only the wholesale price, don’t worry, we can write an algorithm that can bulk update your list based on your business pricing logic.

Whatever the issue, JIL has the solutions for every stage of your business requirements.

We look forward to talking with you.

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