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November 1st Top Stories

Updated: Nov 10, 2021

Microsoft Advice for Startups

The key to your startup taking off is finding a business mentor who believes in you and your ideas. Studies have found that over 30% of those that have an entrepreneur as their mentor have become top performers at their companies. The first step is to find someone who believes in you and your journey. You also want to make sure that they are an expert in the field you are exploring.

Another key to success is setting up frequent meetings with your mentor to ensure you are on the right track. In the end, a mentor will help you with self-reflection, give you a new perspective, and help you become a better leader. Learn more.


Microsoft launches national campaign to help community colleges expand the cyber-security workforce

As technology advances so rapidly, cybersecurity attacks become more frequent. Microsoft is taking this issue head on and pledged to use $20 billion over the next 5 years to create the most advanced security possible for their customers. In addition, they invested over $150 million into training programs for cybersecurity. These programs will provide free access to cybersecurity curriculum at community colleges, train faculty on this new curriculum, and provide scholarships to those who choose to study cybersecurity. With the scholarship program, students will receive firsthand mentorship from Microsoft employees, free premium LinkedIn accounts, job help, and more.

With the current shortage in workers, 1 out of every 20 open jobs is a cybersecurity job. These programs will act as an incentive for new potential employees in the cybersecurity world. Microsoft has been working closely with colleges to find out what they can do to inspire students and attract them to the technology world. Learn More.


Supporting our customers on the path to net zero: The Microsoft cloud and decarbonization

Microsoft has committed to going carbon negative by 2030, and they are using data and technology to achieve their goals. The use of cloud technology improves efficiency and reduces their overall carbon footprint. Microsoft is also focusing on reducing water use in data operations by nearly 100% by 2024. They are researching water temperature technology which will help to reduce water usage overall. Another water reduction technique they are taking on is liquid cooling immersion in production centers. This research will be applied to artificial intelligence and machine learning and can potentially help performance.

The carbon negative plan also includes designing data centers to support local ecosystems, cutting carbon footprint in construction and more. Microsoft is investing in research to find the most sustainable materials and processes and partnering with climate organizations to learn more about how they can make the most impact. They have made great progress so far with incorporating renewable energy and reducing emissions, and they are fully committed to the climate journey. Learn more.

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