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What is Branding?

"A brand is a voice and a product is a souvenir." - Lisa Gansky

What is branding?

Most people think of branding as the first impression your target audience gets from your business. In reality, branding is a much more vast and extensive concept that encompasses understanding many facets of business, marketing, and even human interactions. Branding creates a memorable experience for your customers--it's how you keep them coming back. It's your logo, your design, and ultimately, your impact on your audience. At JIL Software Solutions, we like to define branding as what distinguishes your business from others.

How to establish your brand?

The worlds’ most successful brands possess three key characteristics: a clear identity and purpose, tactical and intentional marketing, and an audience that resonates with their product or service. A brand’s identity is what makes them unique, their logo, color palette, and font all create an image their customers can visualize when they think of the brand. Marketing is another crucial aspect of establishing your brand, and in today’s world, digital marketing and SEO provide brands with avenues to reach customers worldwide. Lastly, a brand’s audience must resonate with the good or service they’re investing in because if they don’t believe in the product, they won’t believe in the brand.

Keep tabs on your platforms!

A good rule of thumb for all companies that take branding very seriously (which we all

should!) is ensuring that your branding is consistent across all platforms. Brands with a consistent and robust identity across social media and websites garner more traffic and are readily identifiable by customers. In addition, brands with a strong digital presence supported by search engine optimization (SEO) can increase their chances of funneling traffic onto their platforms.

Need help with your branding?

Check out JIL Software Solutions Digital Marketing services.

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