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Microsoft Effect on Fundraising and Engagement

Updated: Nov 7, 2021

Nonprofits represent a wide diversity of mission types and beneficiaries served, but these organizations share many scenarios common to all. Every nonprofit has to fundraiser and partner with constituents and donors. At the same time, donors want to understand how their contributions drive impact. This requires nonprofits to support strong, diversified funding portfolios grounded in transparent data and reporting.

Microsoft has been working on their goal to help nonprofits flourish since 2017. One of the most impactful initiatives thus far is the Fundraising and Engagement solution built with Microsoft Dynamic 365 Sales Enterprise's MISSION CRM. This design will help support marketing efforts to raise funds, and use Microsoft Dynamic 365 Sales Enterprise as well as Azure. Nonprofits will be able to automate processes, improve workflows, and so much more.

The new initiative focuses on the Common Data Model which assists non-profits in relaying data on different platforms. Fundraising and Engagement for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales gives marketers endless tools to leverage campaigns and get in depth insights and segmentation tools. This system also integrates with Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Insights, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance, Power BI, and Microsoft Power Platform.

Another goal for the Fundraising and Engagement Initiative is to create a balanced ecosystem that corresponds with the Common Data Model.

Source: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Blog

Right To Play is a powerful non-profit organization that advocates for children living in dangerous or poor areas to still be able to play and be kids. Right To Play has been working with MISSION CRM to become more digitally organized and create automated donation processes. Another benefit is the transparency that stakeholders receive. With the help of the new system, donors can see thee real impact being made.

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