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Microsoft Nonprofit Tech Acceleration for Black African American Communities Program

Updated: Nov 7, 2021

Microsoft is committed to delivering affordable, innovative cloud solutions to help nonprofits tackle some of the world’s biggest challenges. The NTA program, which increases technology support for nonprofits that support people of color, offers a range of services, including everything from technology upgrades to full digital transformations, as well as consulting and implementation support.

Through the Nonprofit Tech Acceleration for Black and African American Communities program, the Onboarding Concierge team can match your organization with the technical software and services that will help increase the impact of your mission. The Onboarding Concierge can help US based nonprofits serving Black and African American communities modernize and streamline their technical operations.

Typical support examples include:

  1. Helping you sign up for yearly $3,500 USD Azure credits which you can use to create virtual classroom training environments, websites, or data storage for backups.

  2. Setting up an Office 365 environment for email and document management.

  3. Advising on specific solutions, such as document collaboration, chatting, and video conferencing using Teams.

  4. Helping install Power Apps so you can build and/or customize low-code business applications that run on Android, iPhones, tablets, and websites.

  5. Providing access to Dynamics 365 Sales to help you efficiently manage donors, volunteers, and fundraising.

  6. Guiding you to training and learning paths so your employees can drive greater impact.

  7. Connecting you with a Microsoft-approved partner to help deliver more complex, custom solutions.

Learn about technology innovation opportunities from the Nonprofit Tech Acceleration (NTA) for Black and African American Communities program.

Although no company can change the world by itself, Microsoft is committed to using its strengths—powerful technology combined with a comprehensive network of partnerships—to help improve the lives within Black and African American communities.

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